Cognitive improvements on seniors who played the video game neuroracer

Share via Email This article is over 5 years old Playing brain-training video games may help reverse the natural decline in cognitive abilities among older people, according to scientists. They found that year-olds who played a custom-designed video game for 12 hours over the course of a month improved their multitasking abilities to levels better than those achieved by year-olds playing the game for the first time. The subjects retained those improvements six months later. His team's findings suggest the ageing brain is more "plastic" than previously thought, meaning it retains a greater ability to reshape itself in response to the environment and could therefore be improved with properly designed games.

Cognitive improvements on seniors who played the video game neuroracer

Hill in Trends and Statistics. My grandmother did not understand video games. Grandpa was a very technical guy, owned an electronics store and fixed up antique radios in a bid for the coolest hobby everso some of that knowhow must have rubbed off on her.

Brain-training video games may help reverse cognitive decline in old age | Science | The Guardian

Yet when she looked at our original Nintendo system, I think she saw a Ouija board mixed with some sort of atomic device. Today, Grandma has little games on her phone.

Computers in Human Behavior has found that sixty percent of their older adult sample were either regular or occasional gamers on some sort of electronic device. That same study found that non-gaming seniors were more likely to suffer from depression, while those that gamed scored higher for overall well-being and social functioning.

The sample of seniors came from senior and religious centers, as well as individuals living alone or with family.

This category includes electronic video games.

Benefits of Video Games for Seniors

The past season consisted of over 1, bowlers from teams, representing a total of communities across 26 states. Groups are organized into four-person teams that are divided into divisions. The groups play a 7 week schedule followed by a week conference playoff. Video games are helping the elderly find recreational activities that are compatible with their general state of health, as well as allowing them to be even more social.

These findings challenge the notion that video games are not an art form as valid as film and music. Now that every age, from four to one hundred and four, enjoy gaming, it means that as a nation we are gamers.

That probably means, too, grandma can kick your butt at Wii Bowling. Yeah, let that sink in.

Cognitive improvements on seniors who played the video game neuroracer

Maybe show her Mario Kart, so you can have a couple of weeks of being better than her at something, before she catches up to you there, too. Cognitive Benefits UC San Francisco is home to some frankly radical scientists who have designed a special 3D video game for older citizens, and are now reporting they have found a way to reverse some of the effects of aging on the brain.

The game, called NeuroRacer is designed to improve cognitive control. Seniors drive a race car around a track that twists and turns while a lot of different signage goes by; they are told to look for a specific type and to push a button with the game when they see it, ignoring the other signs.

In fact, their performance surpassed the ability of the year-olds when the younger subjects were playing the game for the first time. The game is designed to compensate for increased skill in playing it, so as the seniors get better at the game the game gets harder.

Moreover, it proves that even in the late stages the older adult brain is still very capable of learning, so we can finally put that axiom about old dogs and new tricks to bed. This new avenue for the use of video games diagnostic and therapeutic tools is incredibly exciting and useful, and could be a massive benefit for seniors for the permanent future.

Senior Studies Show Video Games Help

When you finally look at the breakdown of age statistics among gamers, we can see that pretty much everyone games now no matter how old they are. We also need as many things as possible to connect us with our older population.

So maybe start playing games with your grandpa, youngsters:WEDNESDAY, Sept. 4, (HealthDay News) -- A specially designed video game may help sharpen mental skills that fade with age, a new study shows. The study, which is published in the Sept.

5 issue of the journal Nature, tested a video game that was created by brain scientists and dubbed NeuroRacer. Emerging research suggests playing a specifically designed video game can help to reverse some of the negative effects of aging on the brain.

Scientists at University of California, San Francisco. Laura Sanders’ article on September’s issue of Nature reports cognitive improvements on seniors between ages 60 and 80 who played a video game called NeuroRacer.

The study showed that for just over 12 hours of gaming over a period of about a month, seniors performed better than year-olds.

Cognitive improvements on seniors who played the video game neuroracer

Indeed, even outside the videogame world, people who trained with NeuroRacer saw improvements on certain tests of memory and attention, the group reports online today in Nature.

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words. 1 . The findings, published on Sept. 5 in Nature, show that a specially designed 3-D video game can improve cognitive performance in healthy older adults, they researchers said the study.

Video Game May Erase Effects of Aging on the Brain