How do you write a book for kindle

This would be a no-brainer if you were selling a hard copy or sending it to literary agents because you obviously have to. However, this falls into a gray area with Kindle.

How do you write a book for kindle

Getting reviews for your Amazon Kindle eBook is critical to your success. They grant no exceptions and never hesitate to dish out various undesirable consequences to anyone who breaks the rules.

When it comes to the Amazon Terms of Service, broken rules can often result in suspended or cancelled memberships as well as lowered rankings which then lead to decreased sales and less or no money earned.

Because I would hate to see you spend valuable time, earnest effort and hard earned cash on creating that wonderful book and then get in trouble with big daddy Amazon. And as you might guess, getting in trouble with Amazon will prevent you from reaching your goal of becoming a successful eBook creator and publisher.

Of course, Amazon Terms of Service have numerous rules but one of the most important and most critical among them is that which refers to book or other product reviews.

Thus, that is the term or rule I will concentrate on right here and now. So, never ever forget that it is against the Amazon Terms of Service to acquire…. This includes reviews that are a part of a paid publicity package.

However, please allow me to phrase it in my own words so that it becomes crystal clear: This means that if you are a self publisher who is creating your own books and uploading them to the Amazon website, you are not allowed to pay anyone for leaving a review of your product — not with cash money, not with gifts, not with bribes, not with barter, not with promises of returned favors, etc.

Having an account with Amazon is imperative to your success as a creator and publisher of Kindle books. So please do not risk jeopardizing it by breaking their rules. Getting reviews for your published books is essential to their success but there are ways of getting them and still remaining in good standing with Amazon.

Do it the smart way, the creative way, the way that will not go against the Amazon Terms of Service.

how do you write a book for kindle

So, how can you get the book reviews you want and need? Well, here is how I do it for each of my self published Kindle books and it works beautifully because every single one of them gets reviewed, some more often than others, but they all get reviewed. And many of my books, by the way, are currently Amazon 1 sellers: I create a buzz!

What I mean by creating a buzz is that once my book is published and available in the Amazon Kindle Store, I tell everyone I know about it — I tell members of my family, I tell my friends, and I also tell my neighbors and acquaintances.

That can amount to raising awareness of the existence of my published eBook among dozens if not hundreds of people. And yes, a handful of them may decide to purchase it and then even write a review.

That is free book promotion that can prove to be quite effective. I also create videos which I publish to YouTube and in which I introduce myself and my books. This gives me exposure on a platform where hordes of individuals continually swarm.

Again, free publicity with potential sales and book reviews. Most importantly, I join the KDP Kindle Direct Publishing program which allows me to schedule five free promotional days every day cycle. This means that my book becomes available for free during certain predetermined days.

Because everyone loves stuff that is free, my promotional free books get potentially downloaded by hundreds and even thousands of people, and at least a few of them will go back to write a review.

Lastly, I create a post on my Facebook page in which I announce the availability of my newly published book which, depending on the circumstances of the moment, can be downloaded at a reduced price or for free. On the same post I also ask people to provide honest feedback.

Doing that usually results in a least a few reviews. If other books within your niche have an average of 10 reviews, there is really no need for you to distress until you get 60 because the 10 or 12 you will get over time would be quite enough. Speaking about reviews, I have to add one more bit of critical information which you may or may not be aware of.

When it comes to reviews, quality is more important than quantity. It will do you absolutely no good to get reviews if many of them are bad ones.

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As a matter of fact, getting bad reviews will most definitely harm you and will derail the success of your book.You’ll tell Amazon that someone stole your book, fill out some paperwork and they’ll remove the stolen book within a few weeks or months (you might be able to speed up the process by calling Amazon).

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Thank you! This was a helpful read and I’m glad to see that your advice is in line with how I recently published a book on Kindle.

I also published a short story under a pseudonym for $ and was surprised to see that I have already gotten organic sales with no promotion. How to Write a Simple Book Review: It’s Easier Than You Think is an incredibly interesting and helpful guide by Allyson R.

Abbott. The book explains the different types of reviews, the grading/rating system, personalising reviews, why reviews are so important for authors, and all about the process of writing a review- even offering.

What you are about to read are the step by step details of how we were able to learn how to self-publish a book on the Amazon Kindle store (KDP) and how it has gone on to get 5, free downloads in the first 5 days and is now selling extremely well at $ Select a book, scroll downwards (using the "next page" button allows you to scroll quickly), and select the "Kindle" version.

(There are also HTML, EPUB, and TXT available, usually.).

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