Merger of verizon alltel

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Merger of verizon alltel

Merger of verizon alltel

The deal now makes Verizon the largest wireless carrier in the United States, with more than Most of Verizon's new customers are in the Midwest and South, where Alltel operates.

In order to receive approval from regulatorsVerizon Wireless agreed to sell operations in markets where Alltel also operates.

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As a result, Alltel customers in those areas will not be part of the merger with Verizon Wireless. Alltel customers who are part of the merger will receive letters informing them that their service will change to Verizon Wireless, the company said in an FAQ on its Web site.

But it will take months before the companies can integrate their network operations and billing systems. This means that during the transition, Verizon customers will not be able to receive service at Alltel stores, and vice versa. Alltel customers are also not yet a part of Verizon's in-calling plans.

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But once the integration is complete, that will change. And at least for the time being, Alltel customers will not be offered handsets for which Verizon Wireless is the exclusive carrier, including Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm.

And it's not yet clear when or if deals such as Alltel's My Circlewhich allows for unlimited calling between people in a preselected group, will continue.

For now, My Circle will be available to Alltel customers while they are on Alltel's pricing plan. Verizon is considering whether to create a similar plan for new and existing Verizon Wireless customers.Verizon Wireless announced Thursday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Alltel for US$ billion, plus the assumption of debt, in a deal that will create the biggest mobile phone.

Verizon Wireless announced on Friday that it has completed its acquisition of Alltel. Verizon paid $ billion for the equity of Alltel and assumed all of Alltel’s approximately $ billion.

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The info regarding the description of this product says it works with Alltel and Verizon phones.. well not all Alltel phones as we use Allel and the YX would not comunicate with our phone as some Alltel phones are not on the frequency. The Alltel Wizard, Chad and his gaggle of nerdy telecom rivals are likely out of a job now that Verizon Wireless plans to acquire the mobile provider that’s staked its reputation on being the.

In November Verizon Wireless received final approval from the FCC for the acquisition of Alltel and by January the merger was completed, thereby making Verizon Wireless the leading wireless provider in the United States.

While AT&T has a solid 71m subscribers under their belt, number two Verizon has 67m and number five Alltel has 13m -- which means this merger could potentially put 80m customers under the same roof.

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