On the waterfront film

Brought up by nuns and totally innocent, her character, Edie, is exposed to brutality on the docks and must sacrifice her purity to participate in a fallen world so that others can be saved. Her character serves as a Christ-like figure and is one of the many instances of Christian symbolism in the film. On the Waterfront focuses on corruption and mob influence in the longshoremen union, led by the ironically named Johnny Friendly Lee J. The cruel Friendly and his goons decide who will work on any given day and whether they will have to do backbreaking work or pull easier assignments.

On the waterfront film

On the waterfront film

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures With: Collins - Anne Hegira Official Site: Schulberg greatly enhanced the basic story line with expertly-turned, colorful and incisive dialog.

Kazan does a penetrating job of staging the fireworks and the interspersing tender meetings between Brando and the girl.

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This gives the pic a quality of chilly realism and an apt backdrop for the story telling. No mention of Hoboken is made in the film.

The victim is hurled from a rooftop because he addressed himself to an investigating crime commission. Cobb is all-powerful as the one-man boss of the docks.

He looks and plays the part harshly, arrogantly and with authority. This is lacking in conviction. And unclear is why Cobb, having been identified as a murderer, is not immediately brought to book. Camera work Boris Kaufman and editing Gene Milford rate special mentions for some unusally effective pictorial effects.

Notable is the curtain-raising rooftop slaying and the close-ups of Brando and, alternately, Miss Marie in hushed tete-a-tetes. The one-to-the-other panning achieves eloquent intimacy. Lighting is exceptionally good. Actor in a Supporting Role Lee J.

Columbia release of Sam Spiegel production. Directed by Elia Kazan. Screenplay, Budd Schulberg, based upon Schulberg's original story which was "suggested" by Malcolm Johnson newspaper series. Sneak previewed at Loews Lexington Theatre, N. Original review text from Running time, MINS.

Collins - Anne Hegira.Superb performances (none more so than Brando as Terry Malloy, the ex-boxer unwittingly entangled in corrupt union politics), a memorably colourful script by Budd Schulberg, and a sure control of.

Elia Kazan would have celebrated his th birthday on September 7, Years after his death in , the two-time Oscar-winning director remains both an influential and controversial figure. Overview of On the Waterfront, , directed by Elia Kazan, with Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J.

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On the waterfront film

Chairman & Managing Director – Aster DM Healthcare. On the Waterfront is a American crime drama film directed by Elia Kazan and written by Budd Schulberg. This is a powerful film that deals with values such as a . During the Turner Classic Movie Cruise, actress Eva Marie Saint discussed how Elia Kazan, directing her in On the Waterfront (), wanted her to work from the inside out in the Method acting style.

Brought up by nuns and totally innocent, her character, Edie, is exposed to brutality on the.

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