Sci 230 week 1 scientifi method

Understand how a controlled experiment is conducted. A scientist wants to know if Miracle Grow will increase the number of tomatoes on his tomato plants. To tomato plant A he adds miracle grow; and to tomato plant B he does not add miracle grow.

Sci 230 week 1 scientifi method

Explain the steps taken in scientific methods. Compare and contrast scientific variables and constants. Explain how a control is used during an experiment. Scientific Methods[ edit ] Several steps were taken to learn about the pottery found at York Middle School.

When the pottery was found, a decision was made to stop construction at the site. One adult guessed that the pottery was old. An expert was called to verify the guess made about the pottery. Based on prior knowledge and further testing, it was concluded that the pottery was from a prehistoric culture.

Sci 230 week 1 scientifi method

Think about the last time you had a problem that took several steps or actions to solve. Step-by-step procedures of scientific problem solving are called scientific methods. Solving any problem scientifically involves several steps. But for now, take a look at each step in turn.

Recognize the Problem[ edit ] Ben thought about all the science he had learned over the past few months. He was eager to find out more about the world around him.

As he looked around his bedroom, he wondered what he could explore. It was then that Ben noticed that the plant on his windowsill was droopy.

He quickly watered the wilting plant. Later in the day, Ben observed that the droopy plant had perked up. He concluded that he should water the plant on a regular basis. Every day after school, he watered the plant in his room. After a few weeks, Ben noticed that the leaves on his plant had turned yellow and brown.

He knew from science class that plants need water, so why was this plant not doing well.

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He talked to his teacher about the plant. She suggested that Ben use what he learned in science class to solve his problem. She pointed out that this problem might make a good project for the upcoming science fair.

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Ben already has completed the first step in using a scientific approach to solving a problem - he recognizes a problem. To solve his problem, Ben must do research about his plant.

Using sources of information, Ben identified his plant as a fig. In his Science Journal, he drew a picture of the plant and listed some facts about it. Gathering information in the library or on the Internet can make your problem-solving tasks easier.

Observe[ edit ] In order for Ben to be able to answer the question about why his plant was not thriving, he needed to plan and carry out an experiment. First, he made and recorded careful observations about his plant.

Observations can be bits of information you gather with your senses. Most scientific observations are made with your eyes and ears. You also can observe with your senses of touch, taste, and smell. Ben observed that many of the leaves had fallen off his plant. The stem, in places, was peeling. Ben also noticed that some white, powdery, smelly stuff was covering the soil in the pot.

He stuck his finger into the soil.Lesson Plans for High School Science. High school science lesson plans, suitable for ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade, as well as advanced placement grade 8, covering a number of subjects studied in core curricula such as biology, earth science, chemistry and physics.

Scientific Method Questions including "Why does water freeze"

Scientific Method In Action The Strange Case of BeriBeri. In a strange nerve disease attacked the people in the Dutch East Indies. The disease was beriberi. Symptoms of the disease included weakness and loss of appetite, victims often died of heart failure.

Scientists thought the . The scientifi c method is a logical process of problem-solving applied in all sciences. It involves eight steps. To see exactly how the scientifi c method works, consider the example of some interesting research by Judith Kearins () in Western Australia.

1 Identify the area of research and form a . No matter the data source, the scientific method must be followed to answer scientific questions. "The scientific method has a pipeline where you gather, organize and analyze data," said Katy Prudic, assistant research professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Science refers to a systematic and organized body of knowledge in any area of inquiry that is acquired using “the scientific method” (the scientific method is described further below).

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