Secret admirer essay

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Secret admirer essay

At Crystal Prep Academy on Tuesday morning, Spike and Coco had just finished their first period and were walking through the halls. Spike opened up his locker to grab a book, when to his surprise he saw a small envelope at the bottom of his locker.

When he saw no one was in there with him, he knew it was the best chance to read the note in privacy. He carefully opened the letter and looked at the note inside. Meet me after school in Music room 3B. XOXO your secret admirer. Who could it be?

Later that day, Spike had met up with Fancypants and Trend behind a flight of stairs leading up to the next level of the school. He had just finished telling his two buds about the love letter, which made the two very excited for their freshman friend.

I have to say this is a happy moment for you. What if this note is just some prank to humiliate me? If this secret admirer of mine wants me to come alone, then I must oblige by their request. During lunch period, Spike was sitting with his girl friends watching them eat and gossip away.

As he observed them doing their own things like Lemon rocking to her beats, Twilight going over notes with Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet and Sunny gossiping, and Indigo checking some status on her phone. I know their handwriting and none of them write this neatly.

Just got a lot on my mind is all. He took off leaving the girls who were still dismal at their shot down. When school was let out, Spike had walked through the hall on his way to the music room, before stopping and heard the sound of a violin being played beautifully.

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Then she must be in there," he reached the open the door but pulled his hand back, "Do I really do this? If I knock I might startle her.

She stood up with Spike watching as his heart pounded in anticipation. In her hair she wore a hair clip in the symbol of a large gold fleur de lis. But why would the most beautiful girl in school ask me to meet her here?

He told you about me? First day he said you were quite the amusing boy.

Secret admirer essay

So I decided to keep watch over you during school from the halls. Fleur smiled and put an arm around him, "Come and sit with me. Have you any talent?

I love my secret admirer essay

For awhile Spike and Fleur spent the time getting to know each other better. And Spike himself was amazed that much like Fancypants or Trend, Fleur was nothing like the stereotypical domineering senior snobs in most high school dramas. Especially the Queen Bee types that make every other student bow and worship them like they rule the school.

As it got late, all clubs were packing it in and the members were returning home. I really did have a good time getting to know you. You truly are an amazing boy. Now that I know more about you, I can honestly say my feelings for you are stronger than ever.

Well, on the lips at least. Fleur giggled, "That makes me so happy.

My secret admirer essay

It means I did something not even your friends the Cuties did.A young dancer finally meets her secret admirer in a whirl wind passion. The Secret Admirer 3, words Inspiring Pop Star 1, words The way of Next to my friends the Crystal Prep Cuties as they're called, you're the most beautiful girl in school among the seniors." "I do have a reputation." she .

If they seem pleased to have a secret admirer, you can write more notes, or consider upping your game with a few small presents. If on the other hand, they seem a bit scared off, it's best to lay low for a little while rather than doggedly pursuing your affections in secret.

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Secret admirer essay
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