The modernisation of the royal mail

Share via Email Last week we had our first batch of walk-sequenced letters through. These are the letters sorted by the new multimillion-pound walk-sequencing machines that the Royal Mail has brought in as part of their new modernisation and investment programme. Essentially, what they do is to sort the mail into the order it appears on the sorting frame.

The modernisation of the royal mail

Share via Email Bikes for postal workers are being phased out by Royal Mail, slowing down delivery. What am I talking about? It's always a bad week.

First it comes in the form of a Which? Only one in four received their letters before 10am, it says. This doesn't surprise me.

In fact, what does surprise me is that anyone reports receiving any letters before 10am. It's very rare for us to leave our office before 10am these days. Very often it's more like For those of you who are puzzled by this, the explanation is very simple.

It is called "modernisation". Modernisation for the Royal Mail means spending millions of pounds on a large number of high-tech " walk-sequencing machines ", which actually slow down the process of delivery. They do, however, remove any vestige of skill from the job; so while they are considerably less efficient at getting the mail out on time, they nevertheless have the distinct advantage that they undermine the workforce, allowing the company to hire more and more casual workers.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports thatcomplaints about lost mail were made in the first three months of the year: The Royal Mail blamed the increase on disruption caused by severe weather conditions. A Royal Mail spokesman said: It has allowed the Royal Mail to cover up one of the most gigantic cock-ups in its entire history.

I'm talking about a wholesale revision in working methods that was begun in a number of offices in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The modernisation of the royal mail

In fact I suspect that, if you could break down the figures into individual offices, you'd find that the vast bulk of lost or delayed mail in this period occurred in offices that were going through their revision at the time.

The snow was a secondary issue in many cases. To name some offices: The rest of the country is undertaking their revisions now.

Most will have been completed by the end of the year. So if you are noticing a marked deterioration in the quality of your service, at least you know why it's probably happening.

The modernisation of the royal mail

Instead of cycling, posties are now expected to walk, pushing golf trolleys in front of them. Walking, of course, is slower than cycling, and pushing golf trolleys means you can't walk and sort through the mail at the same time, which means you have to stop at every gate and look at your bundle before selecting out the mail for that address and then delivering it.

In effect, they have slowed us down while expecting us to do more work. And they wonder why things are going wrong? You can tell these new methods have been designed by people who have never delivered a letter in their lives. And it is here, too, that we find the answer to the earlier question: It's down to the revisions again.

The new methods demand adherence to a strict set of timings.Jul 20,  · When Royal Mail modernisation means a worse service - Roy Mayall Postal worker Roy Mayall describes the reality of Royal Mail's much-heralded 'modernisation', and the upcoming further 'deregulation' of the postal sector.

Published: Mon, 09 Jul This report has been conducted to investigate and critically evaluate the modernisation of the Royal Mail. In doing so it will analyze the organisations activities and conduct using theory to discuss its impacts. Royal Mail will remain a 75 per cent full-time industry Existing job security will be further enhanced Further steps must now be taken to implement modernisation around the agreement, implementation of Kotters 8 steps of change can solidify plans which will help take Royal Mail into modernisation past the .

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These are the letters sorted by the new multimillion-pound walk-sequencing machines that the Royal Mail has brought in as part of their new . Between and Royal Mail invested £bn in modernisation plans, saving around £m a year.

It has cut the number of mail centres from 69 to . Royal Mail modernisation plan will shun cargo bike deliveries, despite strong business case 11 April, 11 April, Mark Sutton Views Cargo bikes will not form part of the Royal Mail’s £2 billion modernisation plan, a spokesperson has today confirmed to

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