The potential of alternative fuel vehicles essay

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The potential of alternative fuel vehicles essay

On the basis of October data, there are approximately 34 million flexible fuel vehicles and the sale of hybrid electric vehicles numbered more than 9 million September data. Other figures in terms of number of vehicles produced include An alternative fuel vehicle may be defined as a vehicle that is powered by any fuel other than the conventional petroleum fuels diesel or petrol.

It also indicates any technology of engine powering that does not entail solely petroleum such as solar powered, electric car or hybrid electric vehicles. A green vehicle also known as an environmentally friendly vehicle is a motor vehicle for the road that produces less environmental impacts than comparable traditional internal combustion engine vehicles that are powered by diesel or gasoline, or one that utilizes specific alternative fuels.

Conventional fuels are going to run out One day, our sources for traditional fuels including petroleum would be depleted. Owing to the fact that these fuels are typically not renewable, a lot of people are worried that a day would come when the demand for these fuels would be more than the supply, triggering a considerable world crisis.

Non-environmentalists also concur with the opinion that the majority of oil fields situated in the Middle East in the world are associated with problems — both political and economic. To reduce pollution The use of alternative fuels considerably decreases harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide as well as ozone-producing emissions.

Though global warming continues to be just a theory, a lot of people across the globe are of the belief that discovering sources of cleaner burning fuel is an essential step towards enhancing the quality of our environment.

To save money Alternative fuels can be less expensive to use not just in terms of the fuel itself but also in terms of a longer service life.

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This in turn means savings for the long term. Can reuse waste Biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower provide modern and fresh relevance to the old belief that trash for one person is a treasure for another. More choices People are different. Each person has his own requirements, opinions, and preferences.

One great thing about alternative fuels and the corresponding vehicles that run on them is that there is something to suit any lifestyle. Biodiesel and ethanol cooperatives are a result of the great outmoded farmer cooperatives that assist with returning power to the hands of the people.

Fuel economy Vehicles driven on hydrogen fuel cells and diesel are more economical with respect to fuel compared to an equivalent gasoline vehicle.

The potential of alternative fuel vehicles essay

More convenience Wireless charging is one of the factors that make alternative fuels more convenient. The driver just presses a button or utters a command, releases control over the wheel, and the vehicle takes care of the rest.

Once the vehicle is parked, the driver just turns the car off, closes the door, and carries on with his business.

No need to go the gas station and no plugs. More and more onboard sensors now provide cars with the ability to tackle the most challenging driving tasks such as modifying cruise speeds to suit traffic situations in real time, emergency stops, and parking. It is an electric vehicle. At present, solar panels cannot be utilized to directly give a car the required amount of power.

However, they can be utilized to increase the range of electric vehicles. Frequently, these events are sponsored by the United States Department of Energy or other government agencies eager to encourage the growth of alternative energy applying technology such as electric vehicles and solar cells.

Nuna, a group of manned vehicles running on solar power clinched the World Solar Challenge held at Australia, three times in succession.

This was in the yearsand The Nunas are developed by students from the Delft University of Technology. A two-seater renewable energy vehicle called Trev was designed by staff and students from the University of South Australia.

Potential Demand for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

This vehicle was first showcased at the World Solar Challenge as the idea of an efficient, low-mass commuter car. Air-engine It is an emission-free piston engine that utilizes compressed air as an energy source. The pistons in a modified piston engine can be driven utilizing the expansion of compressed air.Alternative Fuel Searching for alternative fuels has become a large undertaking.

With the recent rise of gas prices, Americans are searching for a cheaper way to travel. Within the last few years, the progress of creating alternative fuels has grown substantially/5(1). Simply put, the erratic and apparently uncontrollable price increases followed by precipitous price reductions is making petroleum-based fuels lose credibility with the American consumer and as a result the adoption of alternative fuel-based vehicles and their fuel is growing at an exponential rate/5(5).

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles A hydrogen fuel cell is an electrochemical cell which directly converts the chemical energy in hydrogen and oxygen to electricity with pure water (figure 1).

In general fuel cells have a similar arrangement which consists of an electrolyte and two electrodes, but there are many types of fuel cells which are classified. So it is important that we should immediately find alternative fuel sources for petroleum and reduce the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere.

A potential advantage of Hydrogen cars is that it can be used over and over again by the process of electrolysis. We will write a custom essay sample on Alternative-Fuel Vehicles.

Alternative fuels for automobiles are currently a topic of growing interest and importance.

The potential of alternative fuel vehicles essay

On the basis of October data, there are approximately 34 million flexible fuel vehicles and the sale of hybrid electric vehicles numbered more than 9 million (September data).

Discussion Alternative fuel cars or vehicles are vehicles that use alternative fuel such as electricity, alcohol and natural gas instead of other traditional petroleum products (diesel and gasoline). Any engine moving strategy does not utilize petroleum products, (Wheeler, ).

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